About Us

Interiva Information Technologies was established in Ankara in 2015 and provides consultancy, training, maintenance support and outsourcing services with consultants with 15 or more years of experience in information technologies. Our services include strategic consulting, complex application systems development, software integrations, internet solutions. Our company provides services with our staff specialized in consulting Oracle products.

Our company also provides outsourcing services including application development and database management. Remote database and system management are also among our services.

Although İnteriva Information Technologies is a new company, the experience of its employees is quite high. He has undertaken critical tasks in many strategic projects and has come together to transfer these experiences to our valued customers under the roof of Interiva.


As Interiva Information Technologies, we ensure that you use your databases and the systems on which it runs, with Proactive Support Service (PADH) without any problems. With this service, we regularly check your database and the hardware and operating systems on which it runs, we help you to notice a potential problem in advance and take the necessary measures before the problem occurs. If you wish, we ensure that all transactions are carried out by our expert consultants.

Why Choose Us ?

Interiva Information Technologies is dedicated to helping its customers achieve their goals, personalize their event experiences, provide an innovative environment and make a difference. In line with your needs, we offer the most suitable solution or service for you at the most affordable cost.

Cost Advantage

nteriva Information Technologies reduces your investment costs by producing solutions with open source software that can be tailored to your needs. By managing your databases and systems remotely, we eliminate the need to employ people for these operations and provide efficient and low-cost service.