Proactivity is not just to own the mistake made in the past, but to take action by taking measures or decisions that will turn the results of this error into positive, and turn the undesirable result into a positive.

Proactively managing and monitoring your systems allows you to provide continuous service without interruption or with little interruptions.

As Interiva Information Technologies, we ensure that you use your databases and the systems on which it runs, with Proactive Support Service (PSS) without any problems. With this service, we regularly check your database and the hardware and operating systems on which it runs, we help you to notice a potential problem in advance and take the necessary measures before the problem occurs. If you wish, we ensure that all transactions are carried out by our expert consultants.

Within the scope of Proactive Support Service (PSS), we regularly perform on-site and continuous remote physical and systemic checks once a week. We carry out all necessary patches and version updates for your hardware, operating system and databases within the scope of the service. By installing all the necessary software at the operating system or database level for regular monitoring of your databases, when the threshold value is reached from the specified metrics, we generate automatic alerts and make you aware of the situation. We ensure that the patches related to all situations that may cause security vulnerabilities are immediately applied to the system. We carry out the necessary work to make sure that all your backups are taken regularly and that these backups are rotatable.Detailed reports of all health checks performed during our regular controls and possible risks are presented to you.

After the problem occurs, the time and money spent on fixing the problem is quite high. In addition, there will be no compensation for data loss situations. PSS is the ideal solution to get rid of such problems.

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