Due to the high cost of expert database and system administrators, most companies either do not have employees in this staff or work with people with less expertise. In both cases, because the necessary measures are not taken or foreseen, serious problems are experienced, and even undesirable events such as data loss and system interruption are experienced. It is the perfect solution for organizations that want remote database and system management, additional assistance or full active management of their systems and databases.

Reduces costs: With
Remote management, there will be no obligation to employ dedicated permanent staff for this job. This helps you to save on expenses such as salary and premium.

7/24 Service availability: With
Remote management, systems and databases can be intervened in a short time at any time. In this way, 24/7 service can be obtained.

Reduce unplanned downtime: With
Extended management services, you can reduce unplanned downtime and meet customer expectations.

Remote management services keep your systems running at their best, significantly reducing unplanned downtime. Additionally, it provides direct access to expert knowledge from expert managers in the field who provide assistance when in-house skills are limited or not available.

More efficient work can be achieved with remote management services.

With this service:

  • 24/7 service is available.
  • Database and server performances are improved.
  • Query improvements are made.
  • Backup and restore operations can be done.
  • Security and user actions can be done.
  • Regular system and database maintenance is done.
  • Monthly or weekly health checks are made annually.
  • The necessary software, patches can be installed and version upgrades are made.
  • Real-time monitor operations are performed.
  • Regular reports on the system and database are prepared.

Remote management services, which offer more than a permanent employee can do, are becoming widespread every day.

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